Barry and Aaron bought The Roosevelt in 2012. They are proud to have revived this historic San Francisco restaurant and to have continued the tradition of serving Mexican food there.

They are equally proud to offer their new additions to the menu with the intent of enhancing the tradition of dining at The Roosevelt.

While the menu has changed somewhat to incorporate a broader range of dishes, the Mexican dishes and the overall attention to creative detail remain the same.

Barry Moore​  - HEAD CHEF, OWNER


Originally from Denver, CO, Barry has lived in San Francisco for over 30 years. He made his professional culinary debut as sous chef at Emmy's Spaghetti Shack, where he eventually became head chef. It was there that he honed his skills for making his signature dressings, sauces and pastas. His instincts for using unexpected hints of flavor and combining unlikely ingredients have enhanced the traditional recipes he learned from cooking with his grandmother at an early age. The result is food that is at once familiar and unexpected - surprising in all of the right ways.

Doña Maria - Tamale Chef, Saucier


A native of Mexico, Doña Maria brings her traditional family recipes and techniques to ensure all of our Mexican offerings are of the highest quality and truest authenticity. She has served as the mainstay of The Roosevelt for over a decade, and now works closely with Head Chef Barry Moore to prepare Mexican food that is both rooted in tradition and  enhanced by modern touches.

Aaron Presbrey - General Manager, Baker, Owner


Originally from Cape Cod, MA, Aaron has been a San Francisco resident for over 20 years. He has worked in hospitality most of this time, occupying nearly every restaurant role from front of house to back. His love of baking came at an early age when his mother refused to buy him sweets but offered to give him all of the tools and ingredients to make his own if he wished. His affinity for rustic baking is balanced with an appreciation for more refined flavors and their creative interjection into the traditional.